Tuesday, September 15, 2009

win oes tsetnoc

So you've joined or you're thinking about joining the oes tsetnoc seo contest and now you want to know how to win?

Look no further! I'm going to give you some basic SEO tips. I won't get too detailed though. After all, I am a contestant in the oes tsetnoc.

Thw first thing you want to do is get a domain with the keywords "oes tsetnoc" in it. Free ones like this one are okay. The next thing you want to do is get some hosting. Again, free ones are okay. Try Blogger or WordPress.

Next, you want to get an article or two on your site. Make sure you use your keywords in your articles.

Do your basis SEO. Modify your header and footer to fit you needs - meta tags, keywords, etc.
[in this case, "oes tsetnoc"]

Now you want to browse the web for websites that are looking for link exchanges and contact them for exchanges. Do three-ways as one-ways might get you penalized by Google.

The above was very vague and basis, but I can't give away too much seeing as I'm trying to win the oes tsetnoc myself.

These methods have done me well so far; haven't fallen past number 5 since day one.

Good luck and have fun! [Google is your friend...]

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  1. thats really nice, just forwarded to my frnds...
    hope some may be lucky.